Different attachment conditions for SEL links

I have two sets of SEL links (4 each) for which I should assign two different attachment conditions.

After I assign the attachment conditions for 1st set of links and proceed to 2nd set, the attachment conditions for the 2nd set are getting allotted to the 1st set as well.

What should be done to assign different attachment conditions?

Please note that for almost all cases of use, the SEL links should not be directly modified, as they will be created and assigned properties based on the SELs that use them. If you MUST do something very special, then you can manually set the properties, but note the following issue (snapshot
copied from the manual).

My code does not involve deformable links and it runs in small strain mode. I want different attachment conditions within one cycle itself.

Is there any option for that?

You could use “range” to specify the links and change only the specified links - if you have to change.

I tried. When I allot properties for second set it gets assigned for the first set too.

Could you please post your scripts, or send to flac3dsupport@itascacg.com?