Block results in 3DEC 7

is there anyway to export block results (displacement, stress) from 3DEC 7 model, so as to avoid restoring large .sav files upon post-treatment ?

You could do this with LIST commands, or with FISH.


program log-file 'disp.txt'
program log on
block gridpoint list disp
program log off


fish def dumpdisp(filename)
  lines = list
  loop foreach gp
    lines('end') = string(' '+string(
  file.all(filename,'text') = lines

Thanks for your reply !
I meant to export with the command line "model results export filename ‘a result file’ so as after I can just do "model results import ‘a result file’ " instead of “model restore …”
What you did, if I understand correctly, is only to export all the gridpoint displacements to a text file. To get similar results as “model results import…”, I guess we have to also export the model to a mesh, which should be lighter, then upon import, we have to import the mesh first, then the displacement list, then to attribute these displacements to the corresponding gridpoints. Do you think doing so is quicker (in terms of computer time) than to restore ? Is there a better way ?

Oh - you are looking for results files like in FLAC3D. Unfortunately, 3DEC doesn’t have this. There is no quicker way, unless you want to write your own FISH to import and export everything. Even that would be difficult because of the mesh.

Note that version 9 is significantly faster at save and restore than version 7.

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