Code for modeling the slope

Dear all,

I’m trying to make a slope model, but the model doesn’t reach convergence. Is there someone who can help review the code I’m using below? Your help will mean a lot to me, thanks in advance.

model large-strain on

contact method bond gap 0.1

contact method deform emod 1.0e9 kratio 2.5

contact method pb_deform emod 1.0e9 kratio 2.5

contact property pb_kn 2.87e11 pb_ks 2.87e11 pb_ten 1.5e6 pb_coh 12.00e6 pb_fa 10.00
contact property dp_nratio 0.7
contact property fric 1 range contact type ‘ball-ball’

ball attribute displacement multiply 0.0
contact property lin_force 0.0 0.0 lin_mode 1
ball attribute force-contact multiply 0.0 moment-contact multiply 0.0

model cycle 1
model gravity (0,-9.8)
model mechanical timestep scale
model solve ratio-average 1e-4
model mechanical timestep auto
model calm

Dear syanliffa,
which version of PFC do you use?

Is this really the whole code or just a part of it?

I cant see a command that actually creates the balls (like “ball generate” or “ball distribute”).

Maybe this example helps: