Deterministic mode


I am working on a model for rockfall simulation and have created a code where a rockblock rolls down a slope and this process is repeated several times. Here the deterministic mode is a little unclear to me. If I use deterministic on and let the same stone roll down 5 times, I get 5 different results. If I repeat the whole process, I get exactly the same 5 results. The same happens with deterministic off, only with different values to deterministic on. For explanation, a figure of the results is attached (1st value=radius; 2nd value=displacement Dx and Dy).

Do any of you have an idea how the deteministic mode can be understood here?

Best regards

Hello @RockFall2020,

I first glance I cannot see why the values would be different with deterministic on. Could you send these data files along with any necessary files to and we can take a look at it.