Dynamic module of FLAC3D

In the dynamic module of FLAC3D, how can I make a function execute at each time step?

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You can use the fish callback command to issue when a FISH function is called while cycling. More information on this command can be found here - fish callback command — FLAC3D 7.0 documentation
Also, this is not specific to dynamic configuration, it works during any cycling process - mechanical, dynamic, fluid, etc…


Perfect, I just tried the command and it was just the function I needed. Thanks a lot.

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A question regarding this function. If I have the following code:

fish callback add @Function_Random 1.0

What would come to mean that 1.0 specifically? If I wanted the function to be executed at the end of each time step, what value should I place?

Hello Cristian,

The value 1.0 at the end of the fish callback indicates the function will be called between cycle points 0. (Determination of stable timestep) and 10.0 (Equations of motion). - see image below.
If you wish for your function to be called at the end of the cycle sequence, you can use a value between 60.0 and 70.0 (non-inclusive). Assuming thermal and fluid is turned off.

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Thank you very much for the information.