How to get volume discharge rate?

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I’m currently working on a mechanical-hydraulic coupling simulation, and I’m trying to determine the volumetric discharge rate (m³/sec) at a specific contact. However, I noticed that the value obtained using the Fish command “” has units of m²/sec. I understand that this value represents the “flow velocity” multiplied by the “hydraulic aperture.”

Does anyone know how to reliably obtain the volumetric discharge rate using the Fish command, or if there are other values that can be used to quantify the flow rate for comparison?

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The way to solve this is to take more mechanical steps per fluid step. Then the mechanical compression will more accurately balance the change in stress due to the fluid pressure change.
OR, make the fluid modulus lower, but then you will get a less accurate transient response for the fluid flow.

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I think this reply is for another topic, “Negative Discharge Rate Test,” right?

Sorry - wrong topic. The answer to this question is that you need to multiply by the length of the flowplane over which you want the volumetric flow. So, for a single zone, I guess it would be the average width of the zone perpendicular to the direction of flow.

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