Load curve, Load vs displacement curve

I want to plot the loading vs displacement curve, is there any specific 3dec command to find out the history loading increment by time like the history velocity, displacement, etc. So that I can plot a graph between load and displacement.

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There is no history for applied load. So you would have to make a little fish function to sum up applied forces. Something like this:

fish def app_load
area = 10.0 ; specify area of region over which load is applied
total_load = 0.0
loop foreach gp block.gp.list
total_load += math.mag(block.gp.force.app(gp))
app_load = total_load / area
fish his app_load

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Along the same lines, is it possible to generate a stress-strain curve with history commands? For example, to define the stress-strain evolution of a control point in a slope stability problem