Memory allocation, System freezes

Dear Sir,
I am attempting to simulate the retaining wall soil system. I am trying to validate a problem in PFC 3D and was considering the dimensions as per the paper. I have attached the paper and data file for reference.
I am still working on the model, although it hangs as soon as I run line number 53.

For the foundation part, around 30,000 spherical balls were generated, and after that, when I applied the ‘model cycle 1000 calm 100’ command, the system hung, and
then I had to shut down the system. The paper which I have attached also used PFC software.

Is it not possible to simulate such a large number of balls? Or is there a way to allocate memory to PFC so that my system does not hang?

Please help me out.
soil_wall_7_9_22.dat (5.2 KB)
9780784482810.034.pdf (719.3 KB)

Can anyone help me out here?

Hello Prerna,

30k balls is certainly a reasonable number of balls to simulate quickly. I will take a look at your data file and see what may be the problem. Could you please let me know which version of PFC you are using?


In any case, the problem resides in the contact cmat proximity command. You are giving the proximity a value that is 20x more than the largest radius of the balls. Therefore millions of contacts are being created between balls that are within a contact distance that you specified with this command.

I suggest reducing the contact proximity to a much smaller value.

– Derrick