Mesh creation using sketch in FLAC3D

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I trust you’re all doing well. I’ve computed some geometry data points in Rhino and stored them in a text file. I’m interested in creating a mesh from these points. While I found a tutorial on mesh creation using Sketch in FLAC2D, I’m wondering if it’s possible to accomplish the same with FLAC3D. I attempted to import the data but faced some challenges. Any guidance or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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i think you can create a function that can read that text file and create single zones that must be attached later…

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You can use Sketch and extrude it, and then you have a 3D mesh model. Then you can import the grid you saved by using the call function. What is the issue you are facing exactly?


Thanks for your reply. I mean that I want to create a sketch using those data points and then convert that sketch to a 3D mesh.

Then the method I mentioned above will work for you.

It does not work. What do you mean by sktech and extrude? If you have any screenshots, that will be helpful. Thanks


Start with front for the polygons and then bottom for the extrusion. Maybe you’ll need to change the axis at the bottom section depending on your axes.

After that. create zones and export. That’s it. :slight_smile:

Hi, I am a new user and trying to build my first model using sketch in FLAC 3D V.9. I could build the cross section of embankment and I want to extrude it. The interface available gives the rotation about either axis by default. what is the purpose of that rotation? I could not see any options to turn it off and make a simple 3D embankment model. Further, if we want to add piles below the embankment, how should I proceed?

Hello, would you mind providing an image to illustrate what you mean by ‘rotation around either axis by default’?

Please refer the following link of how to use sketch to extrude the embankment.

Workflow: Sketch Workflow — Itasca Software 9.0 documentation

Extrusion: Extrusion (3D only) — Itasca Software 9.0 documentation

If your piles are along the thickness of the embankment, you should be able to create it the same way you create embankment. If the piles are perpendicular to the thickness direction, you can make the 3D embankment first, and then model the piles inside.

Hope this answers your question.

Thanks. It was helpful. Would you mind letting me know how did you get this exact tutorial. How can I get the guide? I have a general guide but I couldn’t see all the things needed to a new user. It will help me to do step by step solution… thanks

Hi, the general guide is here on the website. It should include almost everything for your use when you start.

The guide is pretty long. I encourage you use the search bar in the manual and only search the most important keyword. Or you can use google search, “keyword + FLAC2D/3D” should return some valuable information.

Specifically for new user, we have both online courses and in-person training courses. The online courses are here:
For in-person courses you can check our LinkedIn page: ITASCA Software, it happens in April.

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Thanks, is it possible to build pile model under the embankment without using command and only using interface?

Hi, it depends on how complex your model is. If your model geometry is simple, using building blocks The Building Blocks Pane — Itasca Software 9.0 documentation or sketch Sketch (formerly Extrude) — Itasca Software 9.0 documentation might be enough. If it’s complex, creating geometry data with CAD software and export to FLAC3D would be better, some examples are here: Working with Geometric Data — Itasca Software 9.0 documentation

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