Mesh creation using sketch in FLAC3D

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I trust you’re all doing well. I’ve computed some geometry data points in Rhino and stored them in a text file. I’m interested in creating a mesh from these points. While I found a tutorial on mesh creation using Sketch in FLAC2D, I’m wondering if it’s possible to accomplish the same with FLAC3D. I attempted to import the data but faced some challenges. Any guidance or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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i think you can create a function that can read that text file and create single zones that must be attached later…

Hi Umer,

You can use Sketch and extrude it, and then you have a 3D mesh model. Then you can import the grid you saved by using the call function. What is the issue you are facing exactly?


Thanks for your reply. I mean that I want to create a sketch using those data points and then convert that sketch to a 3D mesh.

Then the method I mentioned above will work for you.

It does not work. What do you mean by sktech and extrude? If you have any screenshots, that will be helpful. Thanks


Start with front for the polygons and then bottom for the extrusion. Maybe you’ll need to change the axis at the bottom section depending on your axes.

After that. create zones and export. That’s it. :slight_smile: