Normal stress in 3DEC

Hi all,
is there a similar command to “zone face apply stress-normal -10 range cylinder end-1 (0,0,0) end-2 (0,0,0.18) radius 0.0449 0.0451” in 3DEC? Looking to apply normal stresses on a cylindrical body.

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In 3DEC there is no “stress-normal” keyword. You can apply a normal stress by applying xx = yy = zz. e.g. “block face apply stress -10 -10 -10 0 0 0 range …”

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I created a fish function using block.face.list() and applied x and y components of desired normal stresses on each face ID (command: block face apply stress) of the curved surface. I am not sure it is an efficient way, but I achieved my objective.