Open-Source FISH: Principal Strains Calculation in a Shell-Type Structural Elements


FLAC3D does not provide any specific command for directly calculating and plotting principal strains in shell-type structural elements (Version 7 and below), but the majority of the information required for strain calculation is provided via the FISH programming language. The attached tutorial teaches how to use FISH to determine the principal strains in shell-type structural elements. The FISH function and data file are also attached here. Although the author has not tested it, the offered open-source FISH may function in other 3D programs (such as 3DEC and PFC3D) as well.

Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.


Open_Source_FISH_Principal_Strains_Calculation_in_a_Shell_Type_Structural_Elements (by Roozbeh Geraili Mikola).pdf (1.1 MB)
TestStoreShellStrains.dat (1.7 KB)
StoreShellStrains.fis (5.5 KB)