Quiet Boundaries - Dynamic Module of FLAC3D

In the FLAC3D v7.0 manual regarding the dynamic module, the following information appears in reference to the “Quiet Boundaries”: “If a stress boundary condition is used during the static solution, a stress boundary condition of opposite sign must also be applied over the same boundary when the quiet boundary is applied for the dynamic phase. This will allow the correct reaction forces to be in place at the boundary for the dynamic calculation” (Dynamic Modeling Considerations — FLAC3D 7.0 documentation).

My query is whether what is made explicit regarding the application of an stress in the opposite direction to that applied in the static calculation, refers to the fact that FLAC does it automatically or refers to the fact that one has to do it manually. If you refer to the latter, I don’t feel like it makes much physical sense.

This statement is seemingly obsolete. We will remove it from the documentation. Thanks!

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Hi Criss

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