Roof penetrates floor in caving simulation

Hey there! congrats on this nice forum.

I’ve currently built a very basic model to test some scripts in it and I’m facing the first big problem.

I’m simulating a longwall panel which is exploited in 5 mining stages, however when I do the third cut, the ‘roof’ of the panel deforms so much to the point in which it touches the floor and beyond that, which is clearly physically impossible.

The thickness of the coal seam is 5 meters, and the displacements are way bigger than that and you can see that the model obviously doesn’t converge due to this. It eventually leads to illegal geometry as well.

I was told that the way of dealing with this is by adding a simple interface in the roof, and set sound properties, and that would suffice, however penetration keeps on occurring after doing so.

What’s the course of action for such a problem? of course, this is large-strain mode.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Well, I fixed this issue.

If anyone’s interested, interfaces do work for this situation, just make sure you aren’t deleting them when excavating the panel.