What is the problem to use PH Model with Small Strain Option in dynamic analysis?

Hi everyone. I have read that hardening soil model with small strain option can be used for dynamic analysis. So, what is the problem in FLAC with PH with small strain option?

Please, could you explain with more details this paragraph of the manual:
“The Plastic-Hardening model with small-strain stiffness is not recommended for fully dynamic problems with random unloading-reloading paths that lead to nested hysteretic loops”

Thanks in advance.

Please to confirm that this paper respond the question. thanks in advance.
Cudny-Truty2020_Article_RefinementOfTheHardeningSoilMo.pdf (3.3 MB)

Yes, this paper explained that.
Please note that PH model has implemented this “brick” algorithm and solved the problem, but only from the next version.

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Thank you Cheng for your answer and really are good news about the implementation of this Brick algorithm for PH model (or HS model) for the next version of FLAC3D.