What will be reset when I switch from Mohr-coulomb model to Strain-softening?

Hi, Could anyone inside Itasca clarify what will be changed when I switch the soil model from mohr-coulomb to the strain-softening model in FLAC? In FLAC3D, it seems to me that the stress won’t reset, and I do not need to re-input the elastic properties or density. However, it seems to be different in FLAC?

No, even in FLAC3D you need to reset all properties - except density (if we consider density a property). Even two models have the same property names, e.g., shear, bulk, they need to be re-assigned after switching the constitutive model.

Stress and strain can be kept but of course you can re-initialize them.

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Thanks, Cheng! But clearly in FLAC3D, we do not need to re-assign shear and bulk (at least when switch from Mohr-Coulomb to SS). I checked the results, they remain the same as those were assigned before. By the way, I like this and it is more convenient.

Weird! I just tested it. It’s not working for me. Which FLAC3D version are you using? Could you please share the datafile?

Sorry, Cheng! False alarm. Anyway, it is useful for me to confirm density (and stress) are not reset.