Apply gravity only to the specific block

Hello, I would like to ask about gravity logic in 3DEC. Please help me to solve this problem; If I have 2 blocks, I want to applied the gravity only into 1 block and another block does not have the gravity. How can I do that in 3DEC ?
Thank you.

You can’t apply different gravity to different parts of the model. You also can’t have a block with density = 0. I’m not sure what you could do here aside from fixing one block so it doesn’t move.

Thank you for your suggestions.
I would like to do a landslide simulation, which has 1) sliding block and 2) sliding surface or a base. Furthermore, I set the base as a deformable block to obtain the vibrations induced by the sliding blocks movement, so I cannot fix the base. The problem is that the gravity would give a huge vibration at the beginning of the simulation, so I am trying to neglect it. Do you have any suggestions ?

From the limited details your are giving, it sounds like it is not that pesky gravity that is your problem, but your general approach to modeling. If your base experiences strong vibrations at the start, then this is probably caused by poor in-situ stress setting and/or lack of proper settling of the model to reach an equilibrated state. For example, you could apply higher strengths at the beginning (to avoid sliding) and cycle the model to equilibrium and then apply your “real” parameters to initiate the landslide.