Apply-remove not removing boundary gridpoint forces

Guys, I need some help. I’m modeling a TBM sequentially. So applying a face pressure (using zone face apply stress-normal) and then removing it for the next excavation step (using zone face apply-remove stress-normal). The problem is that when removing the face pressures, the boundary gps are still loaded and I can’t clean them. Any suggestion?


We may need a data file to duplicate the issue, send it along with the question to

Are you excavating before or after removing the apply condition?
Are you excavating by assigning a null model, by deleting the zones, or by using ZONE RELAX?

I would sugget to use the commands :

  • struct node apply force
  • struct node apply remove force
    on the range of interest.
    I hope it works for you.

@Zakaria I tried those but did not work. It seems like it was a (graphical?) bug of version 151, but it was removed at version 152 (@Moo). It updated the version and it worked fine.

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