Handling illegal geometry error strategies

Hi everyone, I’m running a slope stability problem using the large strain mode. My model mesh runs smoothly for model solve elastic and model solve for the plastic problem and large strains turned off commands. However, the cycling process for some excavation stages has stopped due to illegal geometry warnings from zones.

Has somebody had to handle the illegal geometry issue?, any strategies to fix it without re-meshing in Griddle?

I’ve tried to solve it by modifying the zone geometry tolerance without success. Do you know what a geometry tolerance acceptable range is?

Thank you in advance for any light on this matter.

Hello @puertame,

I would first check to see if the displacements in those particular zones are realistic. If not, it may be that your model is unstable in that area. Secondly, I would suggest refining the mesh in the problem area or using the zone geometry-test ( doc here ) command to see if any zones have an undesirable shape.