Illegal geometry error (excessive deformation)

Hi @everyone. @itascan
I am modeling a pile-supported embankment.
When I run the model with and without piles, it is okay but when I add geogrid reinforcement in one layer of embankment, I got illegal geometry errors. when the zone deforms during loading process, I could see one of the zones being distorted and suffering excessive deformation. The same zone and model runs smoothly without geogrid but the same things happens even if I increase the no of gridpoints and zones for the “with- geogrid” case. Please can you guide me how to handle such situations?
Screenshot 2024-05-14 133614

It is difficult to say what the exact reason would be for this error without looking at the model. I would ensure that prior to installing the geogrid the model is in equilibrium. Additionally, you may be assigning too large (or small) of stiffnesses for the links. See the documentation on assigning liner stiffness (same for geogrids) to the links based on zone size and the target zones moduli.

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