Assigning Creep Models to Bonded Block Model (BBM) Contacts in 3DEC for Stand-Up Time Simulation

Hello Everyone,
I am simulating the stand-up time of an underground excavation using the Bonded Block Model (BBM) method. The block sizes are modeled to represent the rock mass, and the contact stiffness and strength parameters are calibrated against the rock mass UCS and BTS (derived from Hoek-Brown intact rock parameters). Thus, it can be regarded as a Synthetic Rock Mass (SRM). The blocks are deformable, and I assign the ‘Burgers-Mohr’ model to the zones to account for time-dependent behavior.

The contacts between each block represent rock joints. There is only one creep constitutive model available in 3DEC, which is the ‘Power Law Creeping Joint.’ However, it seems that this model cannot be assigned to the BBM contacts. In fact, when I plot the contact properties, no creep properties are shown for the BBM contacts.

My question is: Is there any way to assign a creep model to the BBM?

I’m not sure why this is not working for you. Are you zoning the blocks before assigning the joint constitutive model? Below is a simple example that works

model new
geometry gen box -10 10 set 'box' 
block gen from-geometry set 'box' max-edge 2.5
block zone gen edge 2.5
block contact jmodel assign power
block contact prop exponent-1 1

Thank you, I resolved the issue.

My model has two parts: one with BBM and another part with only a continuum, separated by discontinuities. I just needed to assign the properties of these discontinuities before assigning the BBM contact model. Previously, the ‘jpower’ was overwritten by the properties of these discontinuities.