Block field logic in 3DEC

Hi Itascans!
I am using 3DEC v 7 and I wanted to use the block.field logic for extracting stress results. I got confused about the block.field.method setting. According to the manual, setting = ‘constant’ or block.field.method.index() = 0 is the default, but none of these settings are accepted by the code.
Setting = ‘average’ returns block.field.method.index() = 2 while it should be 1 according the manual. So, it appears to me that there is some bug since the default method name setting is not accepted and also some misprint in the manual about the mapping between method indices and method names.

You are correct. The documentation is off by 1. It should read

The indices corresponding to names are 1 = constant, 2 = volume-weighted averaging, 3 = inverse-distance-weighted averaging, and 4 = polynomial fit. See The default value is 1.

I’ll fix it for the next update.