Break facet into multiple facets to apply periodic condition

How to break a facet into multiple facet in a wall? I need to apply a periodic condition in one direction, but it is giving an error to break the facet.

Dear Prerna,
can you state a few more details of what you would like to simulate? Is it a 2D or 3D problem?

How have created your walls (“wall generate box”, “wall create vertices”, etc.)?

What is the exact statement of your error massage?

From what I understood I would try out the following commands “wall create vertices”, “wall generate point” or “wall generate polygon” for creating the wall with a different number of facets in the first place. I dont know wether is a way to split facets.


Dear Sir,
I am trying to simulate a retaining wall-soil system in 3D. Basically, it is a polygon geometry, and then we need to install the retaining wall and then fill it with soil to the top of the surface. I want to create the periodic condition in the Y-direction. The walls are going outside the domain, and I want to create boundaries such that they act as infinite media. It can be obtained by using periodic boundaries.
Error: In order to apply periodic, break the facet into multiple facets.

Dear Prerna,

the Domain is just as large as one of the sides of the facet (see figure with one of the facets including the domain). This is not allowed when using periodic boundaries - I would recommend two options:

  1. You can eather change the domain slightly in that direction as can be seen in the figure.

  2. If you dont want to change the extent of the domain you can also split the respective wall polygon in two polygons each, which should at least split the y-axis of the polygons as they span the entire width of the domain from 0 to 10. From what I can briefly see - polygons s8, s11 and s14 should be changed in that manner.

I hope this is of help for you


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