Displacement contours

Is there any option to filter out the range of values that appear in the legend for contours?

For example, I want displacements less than 1/1000 mm to be displayed as zero.

I was thinking the same thing yesterday! Seems like the legend options are quite limited… I was trying to apply the same color for a range of values (in bins) : e.g., 0-10 red, 10-20 yellow, 20-30 blue, >30 purple. I don’t think this is possible neither…

For your specific problem, one suggestion would be to create an extra variable and to apply your rule: “if disp < 1/1000, 0, else disp” with Python. You could then plot this variable instead of the original disp. Not ideal, but a workaround!

Obviously, the same could be done for my problem (using labels instead of contours)…

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In the contour attribute, reset the min value to be 0.001, uncheck Below-Auto, select the same color with the lower bound of contour. Then in the figure, all values below 0.001 will have the same contour color. This is a quick (not so strict) workaround for visualization.

You can also use a small FISH function to reset those displacement values < 1/1000 to be zero, or store the modified values into gp.extra. Just a few lines’ work.

Thank you. It helped.