Dynamic analysis in FLAC

Hi Itascans,

I’d like to perform a dynamic analysis in FLAC (considering applied stress time series).
What is the maximum duration of the time series that I can input in the code?
For example, 1 hour is allowed?

Thank you,

Yes, 1 hour is okay, there is no maximum duration for the dynamic run, however there are two things you need to check : First, you may need to increase the step limit using set step xxx command, by default, it’s 1e7 steps. If this limit is reached, FLAC will stop the run even the dytime you set is not finished. Second, you may also need to increase the history time interval via command : history step xx, by default it’ 100, which means history data will be saved every 100 steps. Considering the long during of the run, there will too many history data points if 100 is used. You may also need to increase both FLAC and GUI memories (FILE->Memory settings).