Effect of the number of tables in running speed. [Strain Softening]

Dear colleagues,

We are currently running models using the SUBI c-model with very few materials (3), but with around 7 zone sizes.
Given the influence of size in defining the critical plastic shear strain (Lorig, 2000) we need to use a a big number of tables for the strain softening properties.

Recently, we changed the model for it to use weaker properties in a certain region. This meant doubling the number of tables we were using before.

As we did this, we noticed the model ran significantly slower than it did before the added number of tables.

I wanted to ask if anybody has any information on the influence of the number of tables in the running speed of the model.

Is there any recommendation for critical plastic shear strain in remote regions of the model, with larger zone size?

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Forgot to mention that every table has only 3 points:

0 → peak
critical plastic shear strain → residual
100 → residual

We require additional information to assist you further:

  1. Could you please provide us with the data file? If you have concerns about sharing it here, you can send it directly to flac3dsupport@itascacg.com. We will review the file to determine if optimization is possible.
  2. Which version of FLAC3D are you currently using?