Undrained strength ratio with strain softening

Hello guys,

I understand that the strain-softening (SS) model uses tables to describe post-peak strength and that the number of tables could be limited. Would you think in any way of considering spatially variable properties using SS?


Is the post-peak strength depth dependent? If yes, you can create a table with x either equals to y coordinate or depth, and y equals to post-peak strength. Write a fish function and loop the zones, and then assign the post-peak value based on the ycen() of the zone. If the post-peak strength is x and y coordinates dependent, you can create a file, each row contains x, y, and post-peak, and then write a fish code and use read(), array, and cparse() to extract the post-peak value from the file and assign the value to the zone.

thank you, Jin. So you mean creating as much tables as necessary to populate my grid or there exist a fish variable for it?

Or you can create different groups and each group use the same table, this will greatly reduce the number of tables.

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