Error in FISH code

I got the following error when I tried to use FISH for load calculation.

*** Bad conversion from null pointer to class sel::IGeogridSEL * __ptr64

This error pointed to the following command line


I am unable to understand the error. Kindly help.

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One (or more) among ad1, ad2, ad2, ad3 is not a geogrid element pointer.

got it. Thank you very much.

def get_nd
nd1 = nd_near(8,0.508,9.75)
nd2 = nd_near(7.7625,0.254,9.75)
nd3 = nd_near(8,0,9.75)
nd4 = nd_near(8.2375,0.254,9.75)
define load

Is the above-mentioned command lines correct for obtaining the summation of loads acting on a set of nodes of a SEL?

Hello Sureka,

Your FISH function will return the summation of the y-rotational (global system) out-of-balance force at the specified nodes. At equilibrium this should be a small value. If you want the forces acting on the nodes I would suggest using nd_vapply() FISH intrinsic.

On a side note, I see these FISH intrinsics correspond to FLAC3D v.5. Since version 5 is no longer supported, I highly recommend you upgrade your software. If you interested in doing so here is a link to the latest version of FLAC3D -