Load text file to create zones

Hi everyone, I have a text file containing data points that I created in Rhino Grashopper. I want to load this file in FLACED to create zones. How can I load this file using Fish or Python script commands? Thanks
Kind regards,
Umer Fiaz.

Hi Umer,

using FISH you could load the file with the command file.all. After that you only have to split the single list entries with string.split or string.csv.from and then you can create the zones with zone.create.gp or zone.create.pos. Note, however, that the gridpoints must be specified in the correct order (more on this can be found in the zone.create.gp documentation).


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Thank you very much. I will check on all these steps.

I used the following command " f = file.all(points_zones.txt)" but this give me an error.

lgpcom: no. grid-points linked = 0.
***** Unused extra parameter 2 (file.open) found on command line.**
** While processing line 1 of source**

i think te points_zones.txt should be with quotations marks → ‘points_zones.txt’