Zone import command FLAC3D v9 (Gridpoints and zones)

Hello everyone,

I have generated the grid points and zones using Griddle. However, when I try to read the values of grids and zones in FLAC 3D using the following command, it doesn’t seem to work. I’d appreciate any assistance. Here are the commands I have implemented:
G 1, 4.00000000000000e+01, 2.00000000000000e+01, 0.00000000000000e+00
G 2 ,4.00000000000000e+01, 2.00000000000000e+01, -7.00000000000000e+01
Z B8 1304, 3597, 3477, 522, 3710, 521, 513, 3598, 512

You should use the command “zone import", rather than to call the grid file.