Error while modelling Repose Angle with JKR


I’m currently new to PFC. I’m trying to model the angle of repose while incorporating the Hertz-Mindlin model in ball-wall contact and JKR in ball-ball contact. Every time I’m trying to run the model, I keep recieving the error “An accumulated value has become greater than the maximum allowed. This is normally caused by bad property values in a constitutive model or by the model going unstable.”

Can someone explain to me how I can avoid such error?

Yassir Mustafa

Hello Yassir,

We have received your PFC technical support request for this issue and are reviewing your data files. I hope to have an answer shortly.

– Derrick

The same error arise when I used jkr contact model in ball-ball.
Did you get it resolved?
Looking forword to your reply!