Flac3DEdit Tables with Fish Functions

How can I extract the entire column from one table and insert it into another, using a fish function without having to create a loop? Is it possible to use a command like this: values_x = table.y( ‘6’ , : )?

Hello Cristian,
Once suggestion I have is to convert the table to a list and use splitting on that list. For example, the following lines converts ‘testtable’ into a list and then gets the x-values.

table 'testtable' add (0,1) (1,2) (2,3) (3,4) (4,5) (5,6)
[list_ = table.as.list('testtable')]
[x_ = list.at(::list_,1)]

If necessary, you can convert the x_ list back into a table, or I would suggest continue using list.