Import csv file into FLAC3D

Hello everyone,
is there a command to import data from csv file and assign the values to variables?

Using Fish or Python?

I mainly use Python, so you can easily find help online. Look for “csv reader”, something like this:

import csv

with open('test.csv') as csv_file:
    reader = csv.reader(csv_file, delimiter=',')

You can then loop through the reader variable.

Pandas is not supported with the software.

Thank you very much @sb_guido !

the documentation says external moduls can be installed:
’ It is possible to use most third-party Python extension modules with Itasca software. Extension modules can be installed with the pip executable shipped with the program.’

A short video on how to install extension moduls would be very helpfull!

You can use Python:
In FISH see the intrinsics file.all and string.csv. from

To get a list of lists of string tokens from a CSV text file, for example
local mystrings = string.csv.from(::file.all(‘filename.txt’,‘text’))

You can then convert these tokens using the type construction functions, or use string.type() to examine the string and attempt to deduce a type.