No data scalars or geometry Flac3D-python API?

Hello dear colleagues,

Sometimes we use Flac3D for different stuffs to take advantage of its geometry-space and geometry-distance flagging logic (I know this is not Flac3D exclusive).

Right now I’m writing a simple script using python to read a .csv file with coordinates, then i’m creating data scalars in the given coordinates, then I’m flagging those scalars with closed meshes using geometry-space and finally, i’m exporting a file with the same x,y,z of the scalars and adding a flag column.

This right now is working with a combination of Flac3D Python API, Flac3D Commands and Fish.
The thing is: I don’t understand why is there no Flac3D Python API for scalars or geometry even though you can get pointer loops for both those things in fish, they can have groups and extras and other parameters so I guess they work as objects just like zones or gridpoints.

Is this coming in the future?

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Dear Jean, Thanks for your interest in using Python with FLAC3D and for your note on the need for a Python API for data scalers and geometry. As you point out, this is an omission and improving this would benefit many people. I will add this to our list of Python tasks. Right now, I cannot give a timeline, but I will do my best to get this done soon.


Thank you Jason,

I’ll be looking forward to that.