Forcing Shot Down Error!

Hi mates,

When I am trying to zone (with edge length of 5) a fractured block (cubic block with side size of 100 m) with DFN of about 4000 fractures, I face the below error:

3DEC Error

Is it something related to the specification of the machine on which 3DEC is installed?

Any help would be highly appreciated.


I’m not sure if it is the case for you. But I had this problem when there was an indentation mistake in my code.
You can also try to allocate more memory.
Hope it’ll help.

Hi Zakaria,

Thanks for your help. I am not sure if I get what you mean of indentation mistake, but when I decrease the P10 density of fractures in the model this error does not pop up.

For memory allocation, I will try it, but I think the error related to the memory is something like “out of memory”.

Thanks again.

Hi Zakaria,

The problem is solved by increasing memory allocation. Thanks a lot.

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