The crack inside the cylinder

When I was doing the UC test in 3DEC, I opened the cutting tool. Then there were some line like cracks inside the block. Although I turned off the zone factor, it still there. I would like to know what is this.

0504-1336.dat (2.0 KB)

Edit: Forget my answer, I misunderstood your question :roll_eyes:. Jim has you covered below.

I think the question is about the lines crossing the blocks in the cutplane view. This is just a plotting artifact. You can move the cutting plane forward or backward slightly and they might go away. It looks a bit weird, but it’s nothing to worry about in terms of your calculations.

OK, thank you so much.

dear ray,
I saw there are hexahedral blocks or zones in your model, are they deformable or rigid? how to generate hexahedral zones in 3dec?thanks in advance.

@uncleyuan you can start by creating a rigid block with commands like
block create brick (X1,X2 Y1,Y2 Z1,Z2)
block densify segments X Y Z hexahedra

thanks, are these rigid blocks which were used in the above example?