The identification of the discontinuous plane

Before I cut the discontinuous planes by DFN, I cut the joints first. Then, there are a problem like the program can’t identify the discontinuous plane which is made from joints or dfn, like the picture below.

Will the next update one fix this problem?Or Do there any mistakes which I did probably cause this problem?

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This looks like a follow on from your query we tried to solve in your previous thread here?

Are you assigning a jointset-id when undertaking your block cuts? This should then allow you to differentiate between sets for assigning constitutive models, properties etc. Or if you are assigning a jointset-id and it’s still not working correctly, this may be addressed in the next update with the fix discussed in the previous thread linked above.

To help with problem solving, are you able to post a code snippet of how you’re creating the joints?

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Of course. My codes for creating joints are pretty much, so I show one part.

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Do joined blocks act as conformal or attached? What is the relation between block in joined blocks, conformal or (rigidly)attached? What is the deference among conformal, attached and joined(master and slave) as to joined blocks?

somebody told me that there are elastic joints with high modulus between block in joined blocks, but in my opinion, blocks in joined blocks are simply rigidly attached to each other

As per the 3DEC documentation, block join command — 3DEC 7.0 documentation,
“Joined blocks act as one block with a common centroid and volume calculated for all blocks joined together”.
This suggests that joints are neither assigned with a high modulus nor they are rigid (if the blocks are not rigid). Although there exist contacts and duplicate gridpoints, joined blocks act as one block.
@jhazzard can help with this!

Joined blocks act as one block with a common centroid and volume calculated for all blocks joined together. In the calculation, if joined blocks are seen as one block or assemblage of slave and master blocks, will the joined blocks cost more time than that one single block, which has the same volume and zone distribution as joined blocks , costs

thanks very much for your reply , but I mean if blocks in joined blocks are rigidly attached ?