The rigid blocks have the deformable

1.May I know why there is a result like this?
My model use rigid block. (8.5 KB)
2.And I also want to know what is the difference between large strain on and large strain off. If the model use large strain off and it will not be convergence only due to the large deformable, which means the block has large movement still convergence?
3.Then I want to know the meaning and use of deformed factor?

We can’t run the example because there is an input file missing. But some general thoughts:

  • For these types of problems, you want to set large strain on. When large strain is off, the blocks don’t actually move. Only a displacement is calculated. So if you expect the blocks to move long distances, the results will be inaccurate.
  • The deformed factor exaggerates the deformation of the blocks. With large strain on, you don’t need this, since the plot will show the true deformation and movement. With large strain off, you may want to use this to see the movement (since the blocks don’t actually move in small strain).
  • The deformed factor simply takes the displacement of each gridpoint and multiplies it by the input factor. This gives nice plots if the blocks are deforming or sliding. If the blocks are rotating, then these plots don’t really make sense. I expect that is your problem here.

If you want more detailed responses about this specific model, please send your questions to technical support with all of the necessary files.

Sorry, I didn’t explain how I run my program. The steps I run my program is like this:

  1. I first make the model by Autocad and Plaxis 3D and use the CAD exchanger to get the dxf file ‘mini.dxf’ and open it in 3DEC.
    2.Then, I build ‘1.dat’ to cut the model by Voronoi, and then use ‘block export’ to output model.
    3.Finally, I build ‘2.dat’ to cut joint and other parameters and run. (8.2 KB)
Please help me again, thank you so much!