Fluid analysis while large strain is on (3DEC)

If I understood correctly, fluid flow analysis requires setting the large-strain off. And, In order to observe the dilation behavior of joints, large-strain needs to be active so that a significant shear slip occurs along the joints that would give the dilation effect.
My problem is that I would like to model the effect of shear slip and dilation, which would cause aperture changes, on fluid flow. But model config fluid doesn’t work without setting model large-strain off .
Any advice would be appreciated.
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With large strain off, you still get shearing and dilation. Large-strain off just means that new contacts will not form (or disappear) if there is significant movement on the joints. Large strain is really only appropriate if you are expecting shear displacements greater than about half the zone size.


Thank you @jhazzard , I needed to increase the number of cycles multifold to see the expected shear slip & dilation (more computational time). The expected shear slip is less than half of the zone size, so small strain won’t be a problem. Thanks again.

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