Generate balls inside the wall

I’m just learning to use PFC2D software. How to generate balls inside the wall? Can I get any documents/tutorials on how to do this?

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Please see the PFC Help. An example called “Balls in a Box” may help you.

Thankyou for the answer. I have read the ‘‘Balls in a Box’’ example. However, I didn’t find a way to generate the balls on the slope geometry. What can I do to be able to model the balls inside slope geometry?
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There are several steps that you generate the particle assembled model for the slope:
Firstly, generate a box of balls just like the ‘‘Balls in a Box’’ example. The box must be larger than the slope geometry.
Then, delete the walls of box after the particles have been equilibrated and delete the particles which is outside the the slope geometry.
Lastly, create several walls from the slope geometry and use the wall servo mechanism to equilibrate the particle model.

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‘‘Balls in a Box’’ example may be not right here. You can use the datafile “make_sample” in the example “Rock Testing” .

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Thank you very much. I will try it