Get results at a location (not a gridpoint)

Hello everyone,
is it possible to get the value of displacement for example at a location that is not a gridpoint ? just like getting the value in Information Control Set — Itasca Software 9.0 documentation ( with mouse mode.
Thank you

Hi Zakaria, yes this is possible:

(1) The values of a set of variables can be sampled and stored during a model run by using the history command. These variables can then be plotted versus step number or versus other histories; this data can also be exported as a file. Learn more about HISTORY and ZONE HISTORIES. Note that if the value is gridpoint-based, then a value is calculated using a weighting function inside the zone.

(2) You can also use Zone Field Data Names. The FISH zone field data functions allow users to make queries about the values of a model variable at arbitrary locations in space. This includes zone-based information as well as gridpoint-based information. LEARN MORE

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David, weighting function inside zone??? Can you please shed light on this?

This just means interpolation of value of point within zone based on the zone grid point values.

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