Grid of neighbored sections are not sharing same gridpoints after BlockRanger

Hello everyone,
when I create the mesh with BlockRanger for different geometries the mesh between two sections is not ‘conformal’. My Problem is that the elements of the tunnel shell (‘Schale’) and the surrounding Soil (‘ALZ’) are not charing the same grid points as seen in the picture bellow.
Any hints to improve the grid generation?

Dear Sen,
would you be so kind as to provide the Rhino file with the geometries to us? You can send them to


Dear Sen, thanks for providing the data to me.
The created blockranger model is not conformal due to the fact that the initial polysurfaces do not match each other. If you have a look at the figure below you can see the “control points” of the polysurface. You can turn those on using “SolidPtOn”. For those polysurfaces to create a conformal mesh you would need to have the grey polysurface to have a control point at the corner of the green polysurfaces (area above the red line).

The easiest way of creating that is splitting the objects differently so that the “control points” of the polysurfaces match. As can be seen in the file that I sent via mail.


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I hope you will be fine. can you please help me in using Griddle?

Hello Asad,

Please be more precise with your request (pictures, description of the problem, code, etc.). Also, it would be best if you open a new topic.

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Dear Nils
Can you please share your griddle license with me if you have it for two PCs. I can pay you though

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@Asad, if you wish to purchase Griddle license, please contact one of the Itasca offices to request a quote. A sales representative from an Itasca office covering your region will respond to you.

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