Help need: Pile and soil deformation similar?

Hi @itascan , @ everyone. I am modeling pile supported embankment. If I have assigned pile properties and interface properties correctly, why is the deformation in my pile even greater than the surrounding soil in between the piles? How can this happen?

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Well, I guess the answer depends on what you expect would happen. If this shouldn’t happen then you have something wrong. Normal links and shear links… did you do any calibrations for those?
Did you make sure to “play” enough around with the examples: Pile Structural Elements — Itasca Software 9.0 documentation and make sure you have a good understanding of how things work? Have you done a hand calculation of your problem? Is this a lateral deformation? Vertical deformation?


I am sorry If my question was not clear but I did not use the pile as structural elements because I realize this does not take into account the cross section geometry which is sensitive in my analysis hence I model pile as a zone group as an elastic element by defining its properties in the zone where I am required to install this? ( There is one example FLAC 3D Axial and Lateral loading in concrete pile). I know this approach works well for my case except that when I tried to see the deflection at the top of pile, it is showing me the deflection which is higher than it should be and is close to that of the deformation of the surrounding soil. The properties are assigned properly (elastic modulus and poissons ratio).