How to add company logo into FLAC3D figure

Hi, could you please teach me how to add company logo into the FLAC3D figure, like the one below (i.e. BLACKROCK). Thanks in advance!

My guess is that logo was added in PowerPoint or some other image modifying software. To my knowledge you cannot add graphics like that into the legend.

Thanks for your reply! In this case it would be useful if Itasca can facilitate such inclusion in the figure customisation.

One thing you can do is to create a plot item and then add an alias to the legend title. That alias will then show up where the BLACKROCK logo is shown. This will allow you to show some customized text (but not a logo).

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The above photo you shared is created by me. You cannot add a logo to the plot in Flac3D. the best and quickest way is using 3rd party free software like VirtualDub.


I guess we all hope Itasca can facilitate such, though I see (but disagree with) the reason.

Thanks for the tip! Would you mind sharing a bit of details on the process? I know this is not a VirtualDub forum but it would be useful :slight_smile: