How to plot stereonet plot in DFN UDEC

Hi, How to plot stereonet plot in DFN UDEC. I am getting only three option in DFN UDEC that is fracture, intersection and Rosette plots.

UDEC 7.0 does not have a joint stereonet plot or a DFN stereonet plot.

Thank you for confirmation. I was struggling a lot on this. I have a second question, how to import all DFN dip and direction in .txt or excel so that stereonet can be plotted in other software.

On Itasca website, it mentions like this "plot items for working with DFNs, including stereonet and rosette charts, have also been added. " Can you elaborate it.


The text on the website mentioning stereonets is not correct.


Thank you for update. Is any way to export dip and its direction of all fracture in DFN in excel file format.

You could try installing 3DEC and use that to plot the fracture network generated by your DFN commands.