Import 3D models in 3DEC using dxf format

We tried several dxf versions to import small 3D structure from Autocad to 3DEC using "structure beam import from-file ‘filename.dxf’, but only planar part of the structure is imported (the part which lies parallel to the XY plane). Will You please help us. Various dxf formats are attached. Thanks in advance! (585.9 KB)


I have run into this issue as well. The problem is that neither FLAC3D nor 3DEC can import polylines. You will need to convert the polylines to lines in order to import them from a dxf file.

Really appreciate Your response. Thanks a lot !!!

Create geometry by line. if you created by polyline, explode them. and Import then

Dear all,

we tried to import and connect several dxf files with beam elements in the entire structure.
Every dxf file works well separately. Beam properties for each file are also correctly assigned. But beams from the all three files are not joined, and are not working together.
Joints from two files that share the same location are not merged.

We use something like this:

structure beam import from-file ‘beams_1.dxf’
structure beam group ‘first_material’
structure beam hide on
structure beam import from-file ‘beams_2.dxf’
structure beam group ‘second_material’
structure beam hide on
;structure beam import from-file ‘/beams_3.dxf’
;structure beam group ‘third_material’
;structure beam hide off

It seems that command “hide on” makes some trouble

Thanks in advance!

Thanks a lot. Works perfectly!

Hi Damir,

You need to specifiy the same id for all beams to make them work as a single structure. Simply add “id 1” at the end of each command line : struct beam import from files ‘…dxf’ id 1.

I hope this helps,


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We joined all files. Thanks Rima !!!

Hi Damir, I am also facing the same issue did you manage to sort it out? I tried exploding them in Rhino and imported them back into 3DEC nothing changed.
Uploading: Snap 1.jpg…

Try to follow previous posts. Use dxf file attached. It works for me. Open it with AutoCad and list beam formats and check how they are created.


Damir (13.2 KB)

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