Inclined Load and Increasing load

UDEC 6 - I want to give load force on a horizontal slope surface with an inclined 30 degree angle and the load will increase from 0 to 1000 Newton at 200 N per step. So what kind of command I need to write? Any suggestions? Thank you.

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I do not understand what you are trying to do. Is it a force applied at one point?

I want to apply a 30 degree inclined distributed load on a horizontal/linear surface. And the load will not be a single point load. It will increase from 0 to 1000 Newton, like a increasing load with time.

Please e-mail me to further describe the problem.


A newton is a force and forces are applied at a point. A newton distributed over a surface is a stress (N/m^2).

A stress that varies over time would be applied by:

Boundary stress sxx sxy syy history table 1 range x1,x2 y1,y2

The table should be created with a command:

Table 1 insert 0,0 t2,1.0

Where t2 is the time over which the load is increased.

If sxx = syy and sxy = 0, the stress is applied normal to the surface.

Note that UDEC 6.0 no longer qualifies for free technical support from Itasca. You should upgrade to UDEC 7.0


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