Interface Between Plate and Specimen Modeling


I am trying to run UCS on cuboidal specimens (consisting of deformable tetrahedral blocks) of different width-to-height ratios in 3DEC. The goal is to calibrate all w/h ratios model peak strength with a single micro-property set. Therefore, I am trying to use the interface friction angle between the plate and specimen (to generate some confining stress due to boundary constraints). For that, I am creating the geometry first and then populating it with the tetrahedral blocks. After trimming the sides, I created the top and bottom plates using the brick command. I just want to confirm, is it the best way to create an interface between the plate and specimen or do I need to use some other commands to create the interface?

Thank you for your help.

Generate_w_Platens.dat (955 Bytes)

This looks fine. You can convince yourself that it is working by plotting the joint planes. You will see a continuous joint plane at the top and bottom between the platens and the voronois. You just need to assign the approriate contact properties to these planes.