Liner element - Element system

Hi everyone,

I have performed a 2D model of an excavation with a lining that has been modeled as a “liner” element. The results of the liner that interest me are the axial stress, shear stress and bending moment.

When defining the liner element, Flac creates automatically the element local system as follows:

I have adjusted the nodal system with a fish function including the commands “stru node sys-loc” and “stru node fix sys-loc”; however, it seems that element system cannot be modified. When I try to define it while defining the liner itself (struct liner property… direction-y), I have this output:


After performing several tests, I realize that results depend strongly on the definition of these element/nodal systems.

Has anyone had this kind of problem when using a liner 2D element?

Thank you in advance.

Hello @AgustinMG,

Did you try to modify the element coordinate system with the FISH intrinsic - struct.prop(p,a). Where p is a pointer to the element and a is a property string: struct.prop(p,'direction-y').