Yielding in geogrid / liner structural elements

is there a way, maybe via a FISH, to account for plasticity in structural behavior for geogrid and liner elements?
Thank you in advance.

Geogrid is a beam-type 1D structure, and liner is a shell-type 2D structure, so just check the related plasticity FISH intrinsics for beam and shell.

geogrid is 2D type (cable is 1D type) but in FISH library there are no functions to limit the internal forces. So, I was wondering if there is however a way to include structural yielding in these elements.

The beams and shells in FLAC3D version 9 now support plasticity; therefore, the geogrids and liners can yield. This is not available in FLAC3D version 7, and there is no simple way to provide plastic behavior.