Modified Hertz Model - C++

I am looking to modify the contactmodelhertz.h and/or contactmodelhertz.cpp in PFC3D to remove the ability of a ball-wall or pebble-wall interface to experience frictional slip (i.e. a clump and a wall will translate together and rotation of the clump is allowed). I am planning on doing this by setting the hz_slip property to always be false - will this prevent sliding at the contact, or is there another place (or multiple places) that I should be setting the slip behavior to be false (i.e. where is the exact place in the contact model or in the program mechanics code that determines if a contact is sliding)? Is this the correct way to go about inhibiting sliding behavior?

I tried setting the friction coefficient to be arbitrarily high, but this did not prevent sliding in my simulation. I also cannot fix the pebble or line of pebbles because I need to allow rotation, and the contacts that need to not be slipping changes depending on the time instance of the wall input motion.

Any help is appreciated.

Hello @awbrandt,

I have received your support request at and will start to review your inquiry shortly. Thank you.

– Derrick